Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday in the Park with Jack ...

So a lot of people, conservatives and liberals, are criticizing Obama. I don't know anything about John (oops, *Jackson*) Diehl of the Washington Post, but he wrote a piece with some criticisms of Obama on Wednesday. So of course Jack Kelly repeats only the criticisms, and suggests that the only reason Americans think Obama has a good foreign policy is because they don't read enough Ralph Peters.

I have some problems with Obama's foreign policy, because I am not sure it will work. But alternatives, such as hastily leaving Iraq or Afghanistan, will likely not produce a desirable result. Indeed some Republicans have expressed approval of Obama's foreign policy, but for Jack Kelly the criticism is all that is important. He belongs to that wing of the conservatives/Republicans that feel that it is worth it to destroy the country to drive a (black) Democrat from the White House.

Enough of Kelly. There was also a third meeting of the Coffee Party Movement in Pittsburgh yesterday, at the Galleria Panera. My count was 33 people, but I arrived late. I don't think anything was decided, but the discussion was civil. I don't know whether top down leadership was a more progressive and activist national leadership will succeed in giving the Pittsburgh group a definite direction and set of goals, or whether the Pittsburgh group will become like the League of Women voters, describing all sides of an issue. For myself (as I believe I stated before) I would like to see some activism on local issues and candidates at least. The primaries are pretty soon, so now is the time to act.

The Squirrel Hill group may meet on Thursday at the Panera in the old Howard Johnson's in Oakland. But that is contingent on being able to get the room there. So even that is a wait and see kind of thing.

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