Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jack Kelly goes after Candy Crowley

In today's Jack Kelly column he goes after Candy Crowley, saying essentially she was responsible for Barack Obama winning the last debate. I found that interesting, considering the next (and last) debate is about foreign policy.

Kelly spends much of his column on the Benghazi incident. I have to agree somewhat that the thing was not well handled by the administration, but I think we need to realize that the incident is probably more complicated than we first or even still realize. I have seen an editorial that suggests there was more going on at the "Consulate" than we might otherwise think. It might have been more complicated to add security troops to the "Consulate" since that might have served to put a spotlight on the place.

Meanwhile, Kelly cites Breitbart dot com and Judith Miller for their opinions about the debate. And look what Mitt Romney says when no moderator is around.

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