Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Last debate reactions ...

So I have not seen any of the reactions from CNN or ABC or Fox news or the NYTimes, etc to the debate. I watched on CSPAN (in part because my girlfriend doesn't like David Brooks, who comments for PBS, and I would rather not watch on any other network).

My immediate reaction is neither candidate landed a knock out punch. Obama remained vulnerable on Benghazi, but Romney did not hammer him on it. There was a story in the Washington Post about how Benghazi had a CIA facility, so a) maybe the CIA lied to the White House about what was going on and b) maybe neither candidate now wants to risk "outing" the CIA.

Romney did try to pin deaths in Syria on Obama, and various other problems, but I felt nothing stuck, although the same could be said about Obama trying to trip Romney up. You could tell, though, that these are two men who do not like each other.

But the thing that struck me the most? Romney worked up a bright sheen of flop sweat. I first noticed his upper lip shinning, and then I realized he was glowing all over his face. In addition, towards the end of the debate his frozen half smile/smirk picked up a quality around his eyes that made him look queasy. I half wondered if someone had given him a mild poison (or he ate a bad burrito).

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