Sunday, October 14, 2012

Campaign scan-dals?

Today Jack Kelly turns to "Obama's Campaign Scandals". Well, he talks about campaign scandals for the half the column, then starts retreading other (old) scandals. He ties the two parts together by claiming they are not covered by the media. Maybe that's true for people who don't follow the news, but then these are people who don't follow the news.

A lot of people, the people who might not otherwise follow the news, watch Saturday Night Live and the Daily Show (and Stephen Colbert). And a lot of these stories show up on these shows. Sometimes they soft pedal on Democrats, but as often as not they are as vicious to Obama as they are to Republicans.

The thing is, Jack Kelly's paranoid fantasies come out very clearly in this column. It will appeal to people who already agree with him, but it has the opposite effect of persuading anyone else.

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