Thursday, July 19, 2007

100 hour a week Mayor seeks upgrade for bodyguard, cites budget surplus.

Noting the police chief reports ( the Mayor works from 6am to 2am some days, Luke Ravenstahl asked for an upgrade for his bodyguards, citing the need to keep up with him and also stating "we can afford this upgrade becuase of my successful efforts in creating a budget surplus". Mayor Ravenstahl stated "There must be, going forward and looking upward, a bionic tech firm somewhere on Second avenue, we should proceed in actualizing a vigilant effort upon it and that we have always done." The Mayor requested the police recruit this gentleman:

The Act 47 and ICA groups told the Mayor the city could only afford this:

(With sincere aplogies to Lee Majors, whose did nothing to deserve this, his only sins being growing old, as we all do, and being an easy target. Also with apologies ot the Mayor's bodyguard officers, who probably earn every penny with this Mayor.)

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