Saturday, July 14, 2007

Port Authority annonunces additional cutbacks ...

The Port Authority annonced an additional cutback of a forgotten trolley route. The 375-D route serving Southwood and Make Believe, seen above in a photo that caught the exact instant before the tragic 2003 accident, is to be cut entirely. Weekend runs had already been cut, causing consternation among elderly residents who had to do without scheduled visits from home health aides. There was an incident when neighbors had to call in Officer Clemmons because Lady Elaine Fairchilde had been too long between doses of her meds (something about a Purple Panda).

I couldn’t resist after I made the Trolley/Make Believe reference below in “Debates”. Sorry if I offended anyone, and be sure to look for the (very) little Easter Egg ( I left in the first paragraph.

Well, the post I made last Sunday “Ramifications” had 25 comments and my post from Tuesday “How many of you are there, Anyway” had 10 comments. My readership shot up to 77 visits on Wednesday and Thursday each. Must have been those Google cookies working overtime (heh). Really, I’m gratified and flattered by the uptick in readership. Cynical to the last, my guess is that people wondered if I was really packing it in and wanted to see the train wreck.

Speaking of Easter Eggs, I have agonized over what to say about the new site ILuvLuke ( Let me just say this, I am convinced they left us all an Easter Egg on their blog. If you want a hint or want to compare notes, email me.


McArdle said...

You mean how they refer to potato heads, calling to mind McIntire's "Mr. Pedutohead?" Or their references to the "Ethnics" board?

I think your reference to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe is more properly called that, a "reference," than an easter egg.

McArdle said...

Or do you mean your misspelling of grammar?

EdHeath said...

No, the Pedutohead thing I have seen elsewhere, although the ethnics board thing (pretty clever) seems to be their own. But, no, that's not what I had in mind.

And no, I wasn't referencing "Make-Believe. I'll probably get tomatos throw at me for what I claim is an easter egg in my post. Oh well.

I'm not sure where I mis-spelled grammar, but I am quite sure I did.

EdHeath said...

Oh, I meant Potato Head.