Saturday, July 14, 2007

Debates ....

Without meanig to take away from the value of the discussion of Mayoral ethics (which I suggested I want to take seriously, as I hope the Mayor does), I found the discussion of how many Mayoral debates there should be and what form they should take interesting too, so I just kept a copy of a comment I made on the Burgh Report, and I am posting it here. The Burgh Report broke (to the Burghospree anyway) the news that Mark DeSantis is asking for eight debates. I edited my comment from the Burgh Report a bit for grammer and clarity.

Asking for 8 debates, or to a lesser extent 5, allows DeSantis to agree that one debate have high school kids ask the questions, one or two debates have all the candidates on stage (perhaps the first, so the third party candidates can follow Mark (Rauterkaus)'s plan and say what DeSantis shouldn’t about the Mayor), then a debate could (be) filmed at the Duquesne club, or on a golf course, in front of a union audience, in the neighborhood of Make Believe (they could take the trolley, but no longer on weekends, the route’s been cut) … Well, I jest just a bit, but asking for eight debates is DeSantis’ way of saying he takes the job of being Mayor very seriously. Eight debates in a Presidential race would be reasonable, and who’s to say the Mayor of Pittsburgh doesn’t affect the residents of Pittsburgh any less than the President (well, apart from the whole “war” thing the president can do)?

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Eight debates in a presidential race is NOT reasonable.

Ron Paul already won three. Was excluded from another, #4, where his turnout was greater than the sum of all the rest, at a rally next door. So... they've got 4 down and their race in in 2008.

There might be 80 presidential debates.

Eight MSM debates (tv & radio) for the mayor's race is okay -- at this late date.

They candidtes should meet 89 times -- once in each neighborhood.