Monday, July 30, 2007

A bit about transit, incomplete

Again, I am falling behind posting, and there are things I am interested in. Did anyone catch Chelsea Wagner’s opinion piece in the PG from last Wednesday ( As far as I can see, she is saying she opposes any taxes as the county’s contribution to match the state funds for public transit in Allegheny County, the contribution the legislature says the county has to make. So, it’s nice that she doesn’t want us to pay more taxes, but I have to say it strikes me as not unreasonable for the legislature to expect the county to pony up a little more for transit. After all, we benefit from public transit, and from the state money. And her opinion piece seems to leave us with no option but to forfeit the increased state funds.

Dan Onorato, on the other hand, seems to be threatening to torpedo the state funding in a similar fashion, unless he get concessions from the driver’s union and the Authority ( This is an entirely different thing. The Authority’s board has shown it is only barely capable of implementing cost savings measures. Now the that state legislature has given the Authority money to cover its deficit, what incentive will it have to save money? Very little. It is entirely appropriate that the County Executive steps in and assumes the role of bad guy. If the state legislature attempts to force PAT to save money, it looks like people far away are trying to control Pittsburgh’s future. Better that Onorato take that role, since he can be held accountable from close range. There’s other things to say here, but I think I will do some work instead.

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