Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And the saga continues

Not long after I posted this morning, I got a press release type email from Abby Wilson, with the Dowd campaign's take on Bodack's response. They mention that councilman Bodack had taken down his spending information from his city website. I thought it had been there in the past; my apologies to the anonymous commenter who had said it was. It's just gone now.

I commented over at the Comet on the present the Dowd campaign sent (a spreadsheet of information that probably was Bodack's spending report on the council website, saved by some forward thinking Dowd staffer). You can see my minimal comments here (http://pghcomet.blogspot.com/2007/05/bodack-infers-dowd-implies.html).

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Anonymous said...

Once again the Dowd camp, abby in particular are looking for issues that are not there. I imagine in the course of normal maintainence and upkeep the site was being updated as it usually is. I looked this morning and Bodacks spending is there from 2003-to current.