Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Turnout ...

As I await word about whether or when the absentee ballots have been/will be counted, I reflected on the notion of turnout. How big is district 7? You'd think that when districts can contain parts of neighborhood, they ought to be fairly close in size. But looking at the county election website, I noticed that turnout in district 7 was fairly larger than in other districts, including some hot races. District 1: 3764. District 3: 3893 District 5: 4369. District 9: 4813. District 7: 6180.

Maybe district 7 is a whole lot larger than these other four district’s. Maybe council should dispense discretionary money based on the size of the district. And how did Councilman Bodack know there were more absentee ballots than Pat Dowd’s lead over him last night (I don’t know when Mr. Bodack made that statement)?

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Anonymous said...

Voters in the 6th Ward were disenfranchised by the antics of Isobel Storch and others from the Dowd campaign. The sheriff had to be called and a court order issued because the Dowd watchers refused to stop interrogating the poll workers and also refused to remove themselves from the tables where poll workers were working. This somehow was translated by the Dowd watchers to the media that a court order was served on the 6th Ward Chairman for intimidating voters. Even after being presented with the actual court order Vince Sims still reported the more sensationalized story as told to him by the Dowd campiagn. Sims and the Dowd campaign should be proud of themselves because after speaking with several senior citizens (ones that I know vote all the time but didnt this time) that said they were afraid to come to the polls because they heard on Channel 11 that voters were being intimidated and didnt want to get involved in the trouble I began to realize what I knew all along, that this was a calculated move to cause senior voters to stay at home while energizing Dowd supporters to come vote and to confront the mean old 6th Ward Chairman. Good strategy but again speaks to little or no character. My version of the events is verified by the fact that all news sources have retracted and removed from their sites all of the erroneous stories relating to the court order and the villifying of the Chairman. I am proud of the actions taken by the Chairman that day that included locking the front door and not allowing anyone in until the state mandated 1/2 hour prior to the opening of the polls, even while Storch pounded on the door glass like a women gone mad. I am also pleased that the constables asked Vince Sims and the cameraman to leave the polling place even though they too said they had a "right" to be in there, which they did not. The election is over and congratulations to Mr. Dowd but after what I witnessed on Tuesday his campaign has nothing to be proud of. I am a poll worker and I have never witnessed a more ignorant attempt at intimidating good people by a bully attorney and misinformed volunteer watchers. Our Chairman set them straight,along with the attorneys, the watchers, and the media. Dispite their attempt to disrupt the election Dowd still lost lower Lawrenceville 264-100 and those that know him respect the Chairman even more for his actions on election day.