Sunday, May 13, 2007

D'OH! Version 1.02

So I planned to visit the Dowd campaign at 7:00 tonight, but locked my one set of keys in my car around 6:00, and AAA took their time. They had invited Councilman Bodack to debate, but I guess they didn’t expect him to show up.

Meanwhile, I did visit the Dowd campaign for the first time today. If I had visited before I probably would have allowed myself to get sucked in to volunteering (and probably should have), but I went today because I was curious about what information they did have from the City Controller’s office. I have a feeling some volunteer went down and did some Xeroxing, but in any event they had some copies of records of check disbursements, along copies of back up justifying the reason for cutting the check. For some payments, the back up was excellent, copies of invoices to be reimbursed for a neighborhood organization, for example. For Robert Kramm, the backup was a phrase on what I believe was the check request: something like district office coverage, senior centers and constituent services. Now, I don’t know what the standard for Accounts Payable is for the city. These payments were made a couple of years ago, maybe someone in the city put a stop to them. I gotta tell, though, if I were cutting the check, I would ask for more detail.

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Maria said...

Sorry you missed it. REMIND me to put you on our blogroll -- I keep meaning to!