Saturday, May 12, 2007

Request for debate

Apparently the Dowd campaign is going to stage one more media event, challenging Councilman Bodack (unfortunately referred to as "Lenny") to a debate "Tomorrow night at 4326 Butler Street - in the heart of Lawrenceville - at 7 PM". This is following a separate press release where they detail some new developments

In this separate, prior, press release, they enclose a letter from John Tarka of the PFT which says:

“I have reviewed a May 10, 2007, City Council District 7 campaign letter from Mr. Len Bodack in which your honesty is challenged. The letter suggests that the PFT endorsed Mr. Bodack because of concerns about your honesty.

The PFT has not found fault with your service as a member of the Pittsburgh Board of School Directors, and the PFT has never had cause to question your honesty and integrity.”

Fair enough, doesn’t say why the PFT didn’t endorse Dr. Dowd, but he has talked about that in the past on the Burgh Report.

There is also a jpeg of a letter apparently from Councilman Bodack in the press release. I'm not going to retype it, but it doesn’t spend a lot of time with Dr Dowd, although it does call him a liar in boldface. The letter uses city stationary, which I'm not sure is appropriate for campaign mail. Remember the Redd-up crew. Maybe it’s ok but I would wonder if the City Solicitor’s office would have an opinion. The press release also suggests that timesheets and back up weren’t kept for work done by Robert Kramm for Councilman Bodack, and there are footnote numbers, but no actual footnotes. And it reminds us Councilman Bodack never did respond in writing to the request for information request filed three working weeks ago. Anyway, looks like things are heating up a bit.


Anonymous said...

Cmon already. Bodack sent the letter in response to Dowds request in the alloted time. Because Dowd requested the information at such a late date I would imagine whoever is responsible for putting all of that information together is working diligently to get it to him. Futhermore,Bodacks audited financials hold nothing illegal or unethical. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I sure hope the credible Mr. Dowd is man enough to apologize after this is all over. Thank God Bodack didnt follow Dowd into the gutter.

EdHeath said...

Well, in this "Early Returns" paragraph ( it's not clear to me that a letter was sent from the Councilman to the Dowd Campaign. I'm not saying its not true, just that I haven't spotted it (which isn't saying much).
As for the Councilman not following Dowd into the gutter, he did apparently call Dr. Dowd a liar. Perhaps he felt he was merely stating a truth, but I could see where some could see that as Mr. Bodack engaging in negative campaigning (regardless of how you would charecterize Dr. Dowd's campaign).

EdHeath said...

Actually, I got a hold of a copy of the Bodack response letter (dated April 27), courtesy of the Dowd Campaign, so when they say Bodack has not responded, that’s not absolutely true. I guess they view the letter as non-responsive, but it does exist. The letter is kind of a rambling affair, but then I didn’t take them up when they offered to print Dowd’s original letter to Bodack, so there may be a reason for the rambling nature. The letter is basically civil, slightly negative, but reasonably restrained. I guess Councilman Bodack felt his job was done when he asked the City Clerk to provide the requested information to the Dowd campaign.