Thursday, May 03, 2007


Okay, so my math skills are not what I hoped they would be. $1800 divided by 12 is $150 a month, not $300. D'oh. And I am sure, just like the state legislature, city council can authorize a flat reimbursement.

But I want to find out for sure.

And maybe lobby for a change.

The other expense reports on the council website don't show the $1800 mileage reimbursement. I remember seeing that Bill Peduto had one year of over a thousand dollars, out of the four on his expense report. Like he is asking to be reimbursed for only for actual mileage.

Look, I realize Councilman Bodack has a district office, and most Councilpersons don't (I believe). But should that be an excuse to take the maximum in mileage money?

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