Friday, May 11, 2007

Class Issues?

There was a (not anonymous!) comment posted recently on "What is Cognitive Dissonance ..." (, my post from last week, that I thought worth calling attention to. The comment lays out the arguement that Patrick Dowd is a "slick" man, and that Len Bodack is a hard worker who helps constituents with their problems. It further says that the Dowd campaign's attacks can be seen as attacks on the ordinary residents of district 7. This mirrors but does not go as far as some comments that almost take a class warfare position, Highland Park versus 'awrenceville. Its actually a rather apt comment for the cognitive dissonance post, as it has some aspects of CD in it. I commented in response, disputed some points and tried to reframe the issue. My last, but least, suggestion was if city council and the state legislature and the Act 47 whatsis is full of clever people, who do you want to be represented by? A hard working but plain spoken man or a (also hard working, you have to admit) slick man (skilled speaker)?

Check aht the comments for yourself (near the bottom of the page), and consider the implications, if you wish.

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