Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just passin' this on ...

As noted at the Pittsburgh Comet in a comment by the PiGgy’s (PG's) Rich Lord, “Early Returns” (http://www.post-gazette.com/earlyreturns/) covers Councilman Len Bodack’s response to the Dowd campaign’s request for information. It’s a little strange to me that I didn’t get an email on it (I am on their email list for lots of other stuff). Possibly the Dowd campaign is waiting for something more conclusive to show us. Man, no more Morning File. Only Tony Norman and Cat's Call ... Maybe Ruth Ann could go to five days a week ...

*Amended Post* A couple more thoughts... First, in a display of unforgivably bad manners, I failed to thank an anonymous commenter last Friday for updating us on Councilman Bodack's response to Dr. Dowd.
Second, the PiGgy's coverage of Mr. Bodack's response is annoyingly vague. Early Returns provided extensive coverage of Dr. Dowd’s original request; did Councilman Bodack not provide his response to the PG or are they merely being partisan?
Third and by the by, it is somewhat annoying that this entire exchange appears to be taking place entirely online. Don’t the disenfranchised (i.e. computer-less) residents of district 7 deserve to know about this? Apparently, information is the province of the computer-savy (I’m not sure what I mean by that…).


Anonymous said...

Well the Dowd people are busy scrambling to concieve another plan because the finance thing didnt pan out, that couple with the fact that those Dowd worked closely with over the past four years decided to endorse Bodack (PFT) thats why there is no one home to man the site.

Even the PIG knows its a stretch to accuse Bodack of being dishonest.I guess Dowd is teetering on the edge of a lawsuit at this point and should be careful that baseless accusations do not cross the line of liable, I am sure his attorneys are scanning his press releases more carefully these days.

Did you actually write the part about the PIG POSSIBLY being bias with a straight face.

I like that you take it upon yourself to forward Dowds babble about town halls and interacting with other communities regarding transportation as if that is not already taking place. If Dowd had a clue he would know that. As a matter of fact if you would get out in the community a bit more you would know that too.

Route reconfiguration, attrition of union drivers,streamlining of operations. Buzz words, or information gleaned from one of many community meetings regarding transportation. Shut off the computer, get out of the coffee houses, and meet your neighbors, not just the idealists with Ivy league degrees but your real neighbors. By the way, they're pretty smart too.

EdHeath said...

Except that it seems likely that the PiGgy didn't cover Mr. Bodack's response as extensively because it wasn't as extensive.

And where is Mr. Bodack's proposals on transit?